​NEWS JUST IN! The Panel of PUSHfest 2018 has selected Agatron's work to be presented in their festival this September 28-30th!

                                                1.  Transformation (4 min Act) & I Cannot Be Stopped (2 min)

2.  It's A Man's World (4 min Act)

                   3.  The Slavic Strutter (2 min Solo/Duet Act)

1. "Transformation" (4 min)

Transformation is a 4 minute piece with a with a golden robot/statue standing on a crate slowly waking up in a slow & suspensful 1 minute introduction, jumps off the crate to come alive. Cane Work followed by Popping. A surprise reveal is made for the audience when I take off my mask, hat, & cape to reveal I am a woman, dancing in House, Waacking, & morw. Music: Prodigy, Pop Tart, Kraftwerk, Sade Remix

- "I Cannot Be Stopped" (2 min)

I Cannot Be Stopped is a 90 second version of Transformation. Music: Switchvilla, Sade Remix

BELOW: "Transformation" (4 min) and "I Cannot Be Stopped" (2min)

1 minute of LIVE PerformanceBELOW: "Transformation" (4 min)

BELOW: LIVE Performance of "Transformation" at Public Works SF for Burnal Obliganda on March 3rd, 2018. This is a popular piece for clients

2. "It's A Man's World", a 4 minute piece

"It's a Man's World", a 4 minute Piece starting with an intimidating clown marching with a cane & Popping to Jame's Brown's song "It's a Man's World". Eventually the mask and costume is taken off only to reveal a woman underneath who starts to dance to slavic music in slavic costume.

Music: Jame's Brown, Les Mystere des Voix Bulgares, and Marta Sebestyen

LEFT: Documentation of Its a Man's World

BELOW: Snippets of a LIVE performance of It's A Man's World

Agata & Ira Ushakova | "The Slavic Strutter"

3. "The Slavic Strutter", a 2 minute Solo or as a Duet with Ira Ushakova

"The Slavic Strutter" is a 2 minute solo which was also turned into a duet. It combines African-American Street Dance with Eastern European costume & music. Agata Rupniewski & Ira Ushakova performing "The Slavic Strutter" at Polish Club SF. Agata Rupniewski & Ira Ushakova performing "The Slavic Strutter" at An Evening For Hope. Music: Les Mystere des Voix Bulgares and Marta Sebestyen

Agatha "Agatron" Rupniewski
Artistic Director of IRON LOTUS